Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why gnu atheism?

The previous article exhumes part of the reason for gnu atheism- the unfounded attack on atheism! And those evils listed plus the priests' molestations, the affirmation of death by urging nations not to practice population control and discouraging the use of condoms and others irk us.
   And the apologetics for religion irk us. Religionists' scriptures fail the test of reality. Arguments for the supernatural fail. Such woo propels us to combat religions.
   We've the right and duty to educate others about the wrongs and the dogmas of religions. We combat it as we combat the paranormal. Why, as the late Paul Kurtz notes, the supernatural and the paranormal are twin superstitions -" The Transcendental Temptation."
    Others so wrongly fault us for being so outspoken; we educate for rationality, dismissing all superstition for putting people on the wrong road to that more abundant life.
    For us, naturalism is lively,forced and momentous not only for us but for all!
    William James thus, was a woo-enabler!

    We honor free expression,education and reason with our views against religion.

   As societies prosper, fewer and fewer people will be religious, and as our evangel of reason goes forth, all will win.
  Any dissent?

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