Monday, November 26, 2012

I declare!

       I hold that the Vatican has a moral compass considering economic issues: it upholds the Nanny State but otherwise it should die out.
     It opposes condom use, meaning it implicitly wants people to get AIDS and such! It opposes population reduction and  meaningful sex education.
      It has massive wealth that could help the poor.
      It discriminates against females by not having them in the clergy.
      It harms them with its  pro-enforced pregnancy stance.
      It harmed childten with its pro- clergy stance instead of helping them
      It validates falsely miralces,depending on its faith-based experts. Skeptics find the ex perts wrong.
      It supports the Bible, which has no value whatsoever, with its internal and external contradictions and its mainly false history and its use for  original sine and the Atonement. What misanthropy and blood lust!
      Its arguments for Diety are fallacious.   As with any other religion, people can get inspiraton and solace elsewhere
      It does support evolution but obfuscationally..
      Voltaire and Fr.Meslier would have agreed heartily!

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