Monday, February 11, 2013

Sweet retirement!

   Retirement is mean for such as me! I stay busy on the internet and exercise without wishing I had a job again!
   The Pope is right to retire as he has his difficulties. I wish him well,despite my misgivings about his role in the cover-ups of the priests who molested childten.
    I hope that the next one will get to the root of that evil. I hope that he'll update the Vatican's position on married priests and nuns  He should advocate the use of condoms and approve planned-parenting.. And stand firm on economic issues!
     Hope cannot instantiate reality without effort, and the Conclave probably will elect another reactionary on social issues. At least on economic issues, the Vatican projects evidenced-based reality instead of woo!

    Of course, displeased Catholics should become adherents of other faiths or - none!

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