Saturday, January 12, 2013

Again, that sorry Vatican!

   I objurgate the Vatican as amongst the worse of evils in so far as it favors anti-human measures as stated in my previous article.
   Pope Benny Ratz ranks high amongst the reactionaries of the entire world. He contemns reason with  his absurd approaches. His upholding of theoconservatism finds democracy as absurd: he would reintroduce the Dark Ages.
  People should not use their  religions to impose on others their own religious views. His condemnation of homosexuality and contraception is such a religious travesty of  humanity.
  Rational and - moral people would favor contraception and condom use, In effect, he with his hate of condom use ranks with those pope's who  endorsed auto-da-fes- burning people at the stake.
  I query why do Catholics not oppose him by essentially overthrowing the power of the Vatican to do such evil!
   As I  find no reason and no evidence for the supernatural and find that no supernatural being would have any rights over us, his powers to harm others affronts morality and - humanity.
   Why would rational and -moral people not try to oppose his  bigotry and use of ignorance in the world?
   All should contemn him!
   Catholics free yourselves of his evil influence!

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