Sunday, December 30, 2012

Humanists and Newtown

 Humanists can offer solace without proffering superstition. Just being there can be enough. One can say good things about the  deceased. No need exists to whine about the putative future state!
   We make our own meanings and purposes without need for divine purpose and divine love, and this single life suffices. Diivne purpose means only that we are just " things" to which our  potter gives meaning and purpose. What a pellucid travesty of humanity!
   We should help others to overcome the superstitious need, the " mustabatory" one that they need that divine purpose and the future state. Yes, some are in such dire misery that ti's hard to help them to live as well as possible, but that superstition is a lie!
   We don't need to abuse any  with why do you believe in that superstition should they already believe.
    People should heed what Albert Ellis in " The Myth of Self-Esteem" and Robert Price in " The Reason-Driven Life. Ellis coins in his book the term mustabatory as any putative need that really is overdrawn. Don't whine.
  What would you as a humanist advise?

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